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BLSO program (Basic Life Support in Obstetrics) is designed to improve the management of normal labour as well as obstetric emergency through the homogenicity of the skills of professionals who come into contact with the emergency situation at the scene, such as rescuers, emergency and security personnel, maternity care providers and many more.
The BLSO Course is designed to benefit:
– General Practitioners
– Nurses
– Medical and midwifery students *
– Assistants of doctors, nurses and midwives
– Professionals who arrive first in the emergency scene, such as firefighters, police, military, ambulance rescuers
– Maternity assistants **
– Voluntary Citizens **
– First pre-hospital correspondents and emergency personnel
* Attendance of the BLSO Seminar is a prerequisite for students wishing to obtain the ALSO Certification
** Under conditions
Gain the knowledge and skills needed to respond immediately and effectively during a routine obstetric emergency that requires pre-hospital care.
The one-day BLSO Course, designed on the basis of the ALSO Program (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics), offers hands-on workstations, algorithms and case discussions, that promote teamwork. Pre-hospital resuscitation and access to the nearest hospital care can be improved when pre-hospital care is provided with targeted specialization.
All workstations are presented by certified instructors and include a variety of mannequins and materials for continuous use and impression of specific skills that trainees must obtain before they leave the Course. It is designed to equip first responders and those who have the skills needed to assist a normal birth or emergency obstetric situations.
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