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Course Directors

Aris Papageorghiou     Nikos Vrachnis




ISUOG BT Course in Fetal Anomalies


Friday 10 July, 2020

08:30-08:50     Course opening

08:50-09:10     Pre-course MCQs

09:10-09:40     The 20+2 planes approach to the routine mid trimester scan

                         Nikos Vrachnis

09:40-10:10     Evaluating fetal anatomy from longitudinal sections

                         Gihad Chalouhi

10:10-10:40     Discussion

10:40-11:10     Refreshment break

11:10-11:40     Distinguishing between normal and abnormal appearances of the skull and                                          brain

                        Aris Papageorghiou

11:40-12:10     Examining the upper lip, face and profile correctly

                         Boris Tutchek

12:10-12:40     Assessing the neck and chest

                        Nikos Vrachnis

12:40-13:10     Discussion

13:10-14:10     Lunch

14:10-15:00     Obtaining and interpreting heart views

                         Gihad Chalouhi

15:00-15:30     Distinguishing between normal & abnormal appearances of the long bones & extremities

                        Nikos Vrachnis

15:30-16:00     Distinguishing between normal and abnormal appearances of the urinary tract

                        Katia Bilardo

16:00-16:30     Refreshment break

16:30-17:00     Examining the abdomen and anterior abdominal walls

                        Aris Papageorghiou

17:00-17:30     Making a decision, normal or not

                        Gihad Chalouhi

17:30-18:00     Discussion

18:00-19:00     MCQ Exams & Certification

19:00               Close of Day 1

ISUOG BT Course in Gynecologic Ultrasound


Saturday 11 July, 2020

09:00-09:20     Pre-course MCQs

09:20-09:50     The basics of a gynaecological ultrasound (TA & TV)                                       walkthrough

                         Nikos Vrachnis

09:50-10:20     Examining the uterus: cervix and endometrium

                        Nikos Antonakopoulos

10:20-10:50     Discussion

10:50-11:20     Refreshment break

11:20-11:50     Examining the uterus: myometrium


11:50-12:20     Discussion

12:20-12:50     Examining the ovaries and adnexae

                        Nikos Vrachnis

12:50-13:20     Typical ultrasound appearances of the most common                                    pathologies in the adnexae


13:20-13:50     Discussion

13:50-14:20     Writing the gynecological ultrasound report

                         Savvas Argyridis

14:20-15:20     Lunch

15:20-16:20     MCQ Exams & Certification

16:20               Close of Day 2